Youtube partner programs – AIR Group

Technology has given people all around the world an incredible opportunity to earn money while doing something that brings joy to themselves and many other people. If you are passionate about your Youtube channel you should definetely join a Youtube Partner Program. There are many of them, but if you are rather new in this business you might want to consider AIR as it is a system that is easy to use and simple to understand.

What do you need to know about AIR Group partner program?

You do not have to be a Youtube superstar to join the AIR program. If you have collected over 100 followers and 3000 views you are eligible to become a partner. Those who are still on the way to getting there the company allows some exceptions once in a while. After you join, you can start earning money right away – select videos that will participate in the advertising and watch how the stats system will start showing you the numbers. With AIR you get 70% of the advertising profit while the company keeps 30% for the service provided. You can easily get your earnings via WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer or to the bank account. For WebMoney the minimum amount is 0,5$, however you will have to collect at least 50$ to get a PayPal transfer and 100$ to receive to your bank or through Payoneer.

What are the advantages of AIR Group partner program?

Having an official agreement with the company is definitely a big advantage. Among the other positive sides is a rather simple referral program. You just need to make a short video explaining what the partner program is about and telling about your experience with AIR. Then place a referral link under the video to share it with your fellow creators. Your first-level referrals will bring you 10% of your 1-level referral’s turnover, for every user reccomended by them you get 4%, and 1% of the 3-rd level connection’s earnings. This way you can create a decent passive income which will definitely inspire you to make new cool videos.

Is it reliable?

Most users say that transfers from AIR Group usually come on time. The invoice is created by the 15th of the next month and, the fastest way to receive th funds is WebMoney – within 1 day from invoice confirmation, the transfers sent to Paypal and banks come anywhere between 20th and 31st of the month. However, once in a while you can find some complaints about the fact that the funds from the referral programs come in with a significant delay. Video-makers recommend to use AIR system when working with the audience from Russia and CIS countries.


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