Creative Nation

A lot of people far from earning money on video content are wondering why someone could need a partner program while he or she can work directly with YouTube. However, it’s not that easy on the ground. There are many pitfalls in direct cooperation with YouTube from complicated taxation to lack of any customer support. That is why working with a partner program is more convenient. They take some of your earnings but provide good support and release you from all those issues with taxes. You can simply upload your videos and earn money.

Creative Nation for creative people

Creative Nation Network offers really attractive terms of cooperation – 10-months contract instead of, for example, a 3-years agreement like many other partner programs do, and 90% of the earned money are sent to the channel owner. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? And even long waiting for the money (up to 45 days) cannot mar the positive effect it has. However, if YouTube is your main source of income 45 days may appear to be quite a long time – for instance, all money you earned in March will be paid only on 8-15 May. For many users such a rule is simply inappropriate.

Basically the first impression is very positive – fair terms, relatively short contact, polite and helpful customer service, a good partners’ forum and a great number of payment methods looks very competitive comparing to the majority of other partner programs.

But they say “there is no such thing as a free lunch” meaning that if something looks too nice to be true – it’s probably not what it seems.

Is Creative Nation trustworthy?

Frankly speaking, there are hundreds of users who are not satisfied with this British partner program. People feel huffed and cheated because of sudden getting copyright strikes and having their contracts cancelled. All money earned and not paid yet will stay in the company then and it’s probably the most important issue for a user.

Some people also claim that despite they were not banned and their contract is still in effect no payments are sent to them. These users contact customer support and get replies containing apologies and promises that the money will be sent soon. Irritated users complain that sometimes customer support stops replying and more than that their get a message that the payment was made, however people don’t get any money.


Despite rather big number of negative feedback there are many positive opinions about Creative Nation network and their Russian-speaking department Videospray. It is very difficult to check whether the “unhappy customers” are saying truth. We would suggest you doing your own investigation in order to find the answer on the question “Should I choose Creative Nation?”.

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