Quiz Group

Quiz Group is one of the most popular partnership programs – it can be found in the world top-10. Probably the first thing one notices on their website is quite high remuneration equal to 80% of the gross earnings. Another good thing is that if you are sure your channel is cool and people like it you can negotiate the partner remuneration with the customer support. These guys reply quickly and they have really flexible approach to each customer. Everyone can get better conditions if he or she asks properly.

Customer support service is worth mentioning again due to their warm attitude to customers and incredible readiness to help.

Content Democracy

Frankly speaking, Quiz Group does not mind if you published content belonging to somebody else. It’s a great advantage since many other partnership programs and, of course, AdSense would never allow it. Thus Quiz Group is an ideal solution for everyone who specializes in making reviews using others’ content as well. However, it’s not a good idea to work with total plagiarism and to steal big content.


Another thing which makes Quiz partners happy is quick payment. Typically the money earned, for example, in January, will be sent to the channel owner by February 18 or even 16. That’s relatively quick if we compare it to other partnership program.

There are different payment methods from worldwide known PayPal to local payment systems like WebMoney in Russia and Ukraine. They can also transfer money to partner’s credit card.

If you make your own research you will see that people almost do not complain on delays or any other issues with payments. Most of them are happy about it, everything is done timely and fairly. However, there is one thing some users are very dissatisfied with.

Don’t boost your views

Nearly all complaints boil down to the following situation: the partner’s channel work well, the number of views and subscribers is gradually growing, however suddenly the account gets permanently blocked and the partner receives a message saying that he was banned for boosting the number of views and no further payments will be done.

People who got blocked like this are angry and it’s understandable. However, cheating is prohibited everywhere and if you do it you should be ready for possible consequences. It’s another matter that many users claim they never tried to boost the number of views, but it is very difficult to find the truth here. So the only recommendation – play fair and nothing will prevent you from getting the money you earned.


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