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Have you noticed more and more users signing up to your Youtube channel? Perhaps it is time to think how to monetize it! With Youtube partner programs you can earn money from the ad placement without any real hassle. The most challening thing is to choose the right partner, isn’t it? Here we will tell you about VSP Group, one of most highly appreciated companies among YouTube channel owners.

What is VSP Group and how does it work?

VSP is a Youtube Certified partner with over 75 000 network channels and more than 230 million subscribers. This program lets you keep up to 80% of the earnings coming from Youtube and other Google partners. You do not need to have a certain number of followers nor views on your channel to be able to join VSP Group, which is certainly a plus. All you need to have is at least 10 videos on your channel and it has to exist for at least 1 month before applying to join the program.

What are the gains of joining VSP Group?

The company is willing to dedicate a lot of attention to help users get their channels optimized and monetization set up. You can get free training as well as free personal consultation on making your channel more profitable. VSP Group also offers copyright protection. Getting 80% share of earnings sounds great, but keep in mind that this in case if you have over 1 000 000 commercial views per month if you have less than 1 000 000 or less than 500 000 views, you will get 75% and 70% respectively. The funds can be paid out to you via a large variety of payment systems: PayPal, WebMoney, UniStream, Payoneer, Yandex Den’gi, MoneyGram as well as bank and Western Union transfers. The payments are made within 45 days, but according to the user reviews the money is usually transferred earlier and it takes around 15 days to receive it. To make it clearer let’s take a look at an example: the majority of users say, that the money earned in February are paid between March 29 and 31.

What do users think of VSP Group

General opinion of the program is good. Although most of the participants confirm that the support service is quite decent, some users have noticed that its quality is correlated with the number of views on the channel. Users have to keep in mind – if they want to leave the program the notification period is 90 days, which will come as a shock if you do not know it in advance. But it’s a general rule for anyone involved in any kind of business – to read the terms carefully.

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